Dropfleet Tournament Rules 2023, Dropping Havoc for now, more to come...

by Gopher Games

Just a quick post to let everyone know that for our Dropfleet Events at Origins and GenCon we will no longer be using Havoc. (Too late to change Adepticon, but it will be good data and testing)

I had a chat with Dave Lewis (Creator of our beloved Dropverse) and while he actually likes the rule quite a bit, thought that for all the new players and those unfamiliar with such scoring methods it would be best to drop it for now. Ha, Drop it. Anyway, there is a lot coming over the course of this year, so don't be surprised if you see some big official talk later about all types of scoring methods current in the game. For now though, we will return to what we all know and love; Dropping Bulk Landers all over the planet surface and taking over space stations by force!

More to come soon.

Thanks for hanging with us as we try to do the best for everyone in organizing these events.



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