Playtesting for Carnevale Narrative Events at this year's conventions!

by Gopher Games

I am happy to share that we are constantly refining these special events being run at this year's conventions for everyone going to Adepticon, Origins, and Gencon!

A quick overview of the Carnevale Narrative event. 
Round 1 is a pretty standard Secure Arms mission, to start everyone out and position them in the rankings.

Round 2 is an exciting boat chase, where a defender tries to getaway with whatever supplies and arms they have secured and reach the shore! Attackers give chase on gondolas and try to sieze control of the cargo, or destroy it and throw it over board. If that wasn't enough, this scenario features unique gondala ride hitching and cannons on the escaping vessel to blow away any unlucky gondola!

Please pardon our playtesting "houseboat" lol

 In Round 3, Players will team up for a 2 v. 2 beachead invasion style match, with a twist. The supply runners were bringing armaments to a fortress where a dark ritual is being performed unleashing all manor of monster. The goal is for the defending team to manage the ritual; as it goes well they can throw out extra monstrous summons and spread damage across the board, but as it goes poorly some of their ritual participants may begin to pop. Meanwhile the assault force on the beachead races to make headway into the fortress walls, detonate a breach in them, and shutdown the ritual. 

Again, pardon our playtesting setups here, there is much fancy terrain currently getting spun up and painted :)


 As always, please go and check out our events here, and even test them for yourself!

Additionally, consider stopping by to see us at Adepticon, Origins, and Gencon, and signup for some of these awesome events!


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