Streaming is back! Noon-2pm Tuesday-Friday

by Gopher Games

Are you ready to peer into the abyss we call 'Them Internets?'

We're going LIVE weekdays (Tue-Fri) from Noon to 2pm.  Look for Gopher Media on Twitch for the live stream or head over to YouTube to check out previous streams. 

Our very loose schedule will look something like this:

Tue:  40K/Miscellaneous Painting

Wed: Unboxing/Assembling

Thu: TTCombat Painting 

Fri: MTG Pack Cracking and Deck Building

Check us out here for our live streams.  Hop in the chat to bug Sky, Chris, or Alex during the stream.

Check out our YouTube if you missed the live one.  Previous streams will be uploaded at some point after the live stream, but not before!


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