Now Taking Preorders for Age of Sigmar Dominion!!!

Now Taking Preorders for Age of Sigmar Dominion!!!

by Gopher Mafia

"Dominion is Almost At Hand, so Prepare For Warhammer Age of Sigmar’s Best Ever Edition" "That’s right folks – Dominion is on its way! Unlike our usual pre-order windows, which last for one week only, Dominion and all the other new Warhammer Age of Sigmar books, paints, and more shown here will be available to pre-order for two weeks from Saturday the 19th of June, which means they will hit shelves in stores worldwide on Saturday the 3rd of July. It’s should be noted that, while we are making a lot of these, it’s worth putting in a pre-order early to secure your purchase." Gopher Mafia Games now has opened preorders for Dominion. Make sure you orders your copy quick. Shipping delays still plague so in 2021. Games Workshop has stated that half our allotment (15) will arrive in time of release July 3. The remainder of our order will be ready for distribution on August 7. We apologize for the future delay but it is out of our control. Here is the link to preorder your copy today!


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