February 3rd-5th: Pre-Release Phyrexia All Will Be One

by Gopher Games

Summoning all Planeswalkers!!!  All will be revealed on February 3rd, 4th, and 5th.  These are the dates on which we will be hosting the Pre-Release events for Phyrexia All Will Be One.  You can pre-order set, draft, and collectors boosters HERE, as well as Commander decks.  For event tickets and details, check out the links below.

Magic: The Gathering reveals Phyrexia All Will Be One - Release date,  events, and more

February 3rd -- Sealed Pre-Release @ 7:00pm

February 4th -- Sealed Pre-release @ 11:00am

February 4th -- Sealed Pre-Release @ 6:00pm

February 5th -- Sealed 2 Headed Giant @ Noon

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