New year, New ways to meet gamers and find games!

by Gopher Mafia Games

The new year is already here! As part of our efforts to get our gamers together and talking we have put a lot of effort into running more events more often, as well as giving everyone more places to find what they are looking for. 

Whether you are looking to plan playing new games with new people in store, or trying to find friends who love that one game as much as you do, our Discord is the best place to find others and talk games all day any day. Just remember to read through the rules and click the button to get access when you follow that link!

As for our schedule, we try to note everything on the physical calendar in store as well as in the announcements in our Discord. Additionally, we keep an updated google calendar for anyone to view from their favorite device here, and it is the exact same as what is on the store website too!

Of course, the best place to see all our events is on our website, which includes a webstore full of all your favorite things; Magic, 40k, Board Games, RPGs. We have since added a treasure trove of new games from TTCombat as well! 

Already there is plenty planned for January:

Saturday January 8th
Warhammer 40k Tourney
This tournament is part of a new tournament circuit we created with The War Zone in Mattoon!

Saturday January 15th
Carnevale Learn to Play
Sky Gradients Paint Class
Warcaster Tournament 

Saturday January 22nd
TTCombat Games Day (Demos of Dropzone, Dropfleet, Carnevale, Rumbleslam)

Sunday January 23rd
MtG Commander (EDH) Tournament

Saturday January 29th
MtG Standard Store Championship

Come out and see us, all are welcome!

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