Now Offering Curbside Pickup

by Gopher Mafia Games

Starting on May 12, Gopher Mafia Games will begin store hours as we prepare to reopen June 1, guidelines permitting. During the hours listed below, will be offering curbside pick-up for all orders*; pre-ordered and new orders. You will be able to order online or by phone. We will be reinstating the in-store pick-up option when you check out. Once arriving at the store, pull up to the curb and call the store, 217-954-0029 so we can bring you order out to you.

Hours of Operation:
Tuesday - Saturday: 11:00am - 5:00pm

Thank you all so much for helping us out during these unprecedented times. We are not out of the storm yet, but with your continued assistance we can finally see the sunshine.

* Local Delivery will still be an option for those who wish to remain home.

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