TTC Painting Competition USA!

by Gopher Games

As some may already know, Gopher Mafia Games has been working to bring all the great things from TTCombat to US conventions this least year, and will next year too at Adepticon, Origins, and GenCon! In order to facilitate keeping everyone active in the hobbies they love, we are running a HUGE painting competition that will run all the way until Gencon 2023! There we will announce the winners and display their beautiful work for everyone online, and if the participants so choose, in the display cases at the convention too! Prize support will be provided by both TTCombat and The Army Painter!

In order to participate please contact Gopher Mafia Games via email with your name, phone number, email, and what categories you will be entering submissions for!

The categories will be as follows:
Carnevale - Diorama
Carnevale - Single Miniature
Dropfleet Commander - Diorama
Dropfleet Commander - Single Miniature
Dropzone Commnader - Diorama
Dropzone Commander - Single Miniature
RUMBLESLAM - Single Miniature
TTCombat MDF terrain (Any Range) - Diorama

Guideline for single miniature is any thing between 20-60 mm base. Anything larger should be entered into the Diorama category. If in doubt, contact us. 2ups, Behemoths, Dreadnoughts and similar models are considered for Diorama category due to size and details..

In order to submit your work, please have a fun theme and name for your piece, some photos of your work in progress, and some photos of your completed submission. Then email them to us before July 28th 2023. Participants must be in the USA, there will be a concurrent paint competition for other regions. Generally, we would like photos from at least 4 sides, and at least one photo from the top. Feel free to include however many photos you like at various angles. Alternatively, you are welcome to send your submission physically to us and we can photograph it for you as well. Dependent on how early we receive it, we will display it at Adepticon, Origins, and Gencon if you wish.  Additionally, you are highly encouraged to share photos of your work anywhere you like, and we would like to share your work too as we interact with the community. You will always be noted as the artist in photos, and if you don't want us to share any images until the winners are announced please just let us know such. 

Prizes will be available at the convention, or sent to you, or given as vouchers for you to use online, depending on your travel situation and needs. Here are some sneak peaks of the Prize Support!

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