Holey Blackholes!!! It's Spelljammer in 5E!

by Gopher Games

Gophers greetings!


Forget the Forgotten Realms and hang on tight, cause these murder-hobos are going to SPACE!

You read it right the Spelljammer: Adventures In Space is now available on the website!!!

This set comes with 3 64-page books, a DM's screen and a poster!

1) The Astral Adventurer’s Guide is a campaign setting great for DMs and PCs and includes new character options, spells, items, and more!

2) Boo’s Astral Menagerie contains more than 60 creatures including astral elves, solar dragons, and murder comets! - Great for DMs

3) The Light of Xaryxis is a campaign module designed for PCs level 5-8.

Alternate art prints are limited so reserve yours before they're space dust.  


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