2023 TTC Painting Competition USA

by Gopher Games

Want to win a ton of free paint from The Army Painter and even more minis from TTCombat!? Paint models like these from any of TTCombat's games and you will be entered into the TTC Painting Competition USA. This is meant to be for absolutely everyone, and it is free to enter! You were already going to make sweet paint jobs and epic dioramas anyway, so why not get some bonus hobby stuff with it? If you look closely, you can see a bit of what I have been working on (Sky).

In order to participate please contact Gopher Mafia Games via email 
gophermafia@gmail.com with your name, phone number, email, and what categories you will be entering submissions for! Remember, they don't have to be complete yet for you to enter, and the competition is running until GenCon 2023!

The categories are:
Carnevale - Diorama
Carnevale - Single Miniature
Dropfleet Commander - Diorama
Dropfleet Commander - Single Miniature
Dropzone Commnader - Diorama
Dropzone Commander - Single Miniature
RUMBLESLAM - Single Miniature
TTCombat MDF terrain (Any Range) - Diorama

Guideline for single miniature is any thing between 20-60 mm base. Anything larger should be entered into the Diorama category. If in doubt, contact us. 2ups, Behemoths, Dreadnoughts and similar models are considered for Diorama category due to size and details..


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