Warcry League Game Sept. 27th- Oct. 4th

by Gopher Games

Here is the Warcry League game and scenario for "Week" 2!

Warband Size: 1,000 Pts

Effects for Players from last round:

Tim-David's Leader Gains Blade of the Tallyman (pg. 120)

Drew's Leader Suffers Concussion (pg. 103)

Nik's Leader Suffers Cracked Rib (pg. 103) and Gains Lingering Curse (pg. 128)

Sky's Leader Gains Unstoppable Rampager (pg. 133)

Fizz' Leader Gains The Thirsting Blade (pg. 128)

This league is meant to be easy to jump in and play. Anytime just play the scenario with anyone else in store, and send us your results. We just need the name and faction of each player, and the result! I will dole out more effects and equipment to players and their warbands as the league goes onward, so it will be easy on everyone to upkeep. Don't forget to make sure your opponent is up for counting the game as your league game!


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