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    This massive box contains so many components!

    • 16 unique resin miniatures – 8 members of the Guild including the enigmatic Capodecina and the harpoonthrowing Fishermen; 7 Rashaar led by the mysterious Magi-Rashaar, and backed up by beasts like the Lesser Ugdru and towering Raadru. There’s even a gondola to paddle around the canals! These miniatures are all one-piece, meaning you can get playing with minimal assembly time.
    • Carnevale rulebook – the complete 240-page book filled to the brim with background and easy-to-learn rules. There are sections on each faction in Venice, as well as a campaign for each, offering 35 individual scenarios to play through.
    • 8 cardboard buildings and 9 cardboard gaming tiles – allowing you to build a district of Venice in mere minutes, these buildings fold together and apart, allowing for easy storage. The 1’x1’ gaming tiles are double-sided, with canal sections on one side and water sections on the other, giving you thousands of options for gaming.
    • Benvenuti a Venezia campaign book – teaching you how to play the game through a series of narrative scenarios. Also included are quick reference sheets for ease of play, and character cards for each miniature in the box.
    • Dice, templates, ruler & counters – 12 ten-sided dice to use for Carnevale’s Destiny Dice mechanic, as well as 2 templates and a ruler cut in red acrylic and enough acrylic counters for keeping track of various effects. There’s even a metal coin, perfect for deciding first turn and for using as an objective.

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