October 22nd Dropfleet Commander Escalation Tournament

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    Competitive 3-Round Dropfleet Commander Escalation Tournament. Every round will increase in size. Round one will be 999pts, Round two will be 1250pts, and Round three will be 1500pts. Missions will be posted at the event. 

    Tournament Pack
    Please Check in no later than 10:00 so I can generate the list of participants. Registration is $15, and can be done the day of the event, or online by contacting the store.
    First Round starts at 10:30, goes until 13:00.
    There is a quick 30 minute break to grab lunch.
    Second Round starts at 13:30, goes until 16:00.
    Third and Final Round starts at 16:15 and goes until 19:15.

    Prizes for top three will be in store credit generated from registration for the event. There will ALSO be awards for best painted, sportsmanship, and style!

    - $15.00

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