[Preorder 1st of Sept. Pre-release Event Ticket (Friday) - Wilds of Eldraine]

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    Now, we're venturing beyond the castle walls and into the wilds. These mysterious woods are full of strange creatures, wild beasts, and arcane magic. Wilds of Eldraine captures the mystique of these lands, inviting the player to discover what secrets may lie in the wilds.

    Friday (1st): Registration at 6pm, Event starts at 7pm

    Saturday Early event (2nd): Registration at 1pm, Event starts at 2pm

    Saturday Late event (2nd): Registration at 5pm, Event starts at 6pm

    Sunday 2HG (3rd): Registration at 11am, Event Starts at 12pm

    Sunday will be, as usual, a 2-headed giant event.  so bring a friend!

    Players will keep their promos and draft packs from the Pre-release kit to build a 40 card deck. (Sealed)

    - $25.00

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