Leagues of Votann Army Set

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    The set includes the following multipart plastic miniatures:

    – 1x Ûthar the Destined, who can also be built as a Kâhl
    – 1x Einhyr Champion
    – 3x Hernkyn Pioneers
    – 20x Hearthkyn Warriors

    Also included:

    – Codex: Leagues of Votann – 104-page hardback book with gloss art and a limited edition variant soft-touch cover
    – Datacards: Leagues of Votann – 50 cards including 7 Core Stratagems, 31 Leagues of Votann Stratagems, 5 League-specific Stratagems, 6 Skeinwrought Discipline psychic powers, and 1 Smite psychic power
    – Leagues of Votann Token Sheet – 63 double-sided tokens for tracking your Eye of Judgement and other abilities on the battlefield
    – 2x Leagues of Votann transfer sheets, each containing 555 individual transfers

    - $170.00

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