Riot Quest: Captain Karli

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    Karli served proudly as a Cygnaran trencher for most of her youth, eventually earning the rank of captain through sheer grit and skill. She was present at some of the greatest battles in recent history, including the world-shaking battle of Henge Hold that led to the apocalypse. Karli is one of only a handful of survivors from that ill-fortuned event, and she bears the scars to prove it.

    With no trencher corps left and no Cygnar to return to, Karli began to wander the wasteland looking for other survivors. While her gruff, no-nonsense attitude has scared away more than a few would-be rescuees, many others have stayed by her side for protection. Karli doesn’t know where she’s taking everyone or even what to do once they get “there”; all she knows is she going to do everything she can to keep what’s left of the world safe.
    Captain Karli is a Gunner Class Hero that packs a nasty ranged attack but also supports her Crew. Like all Gunners, Karli has the Aim ability and a solid ranged weapon with her Grenade Revolver. However, she has a new ability in Coordinated Fire, which increases the range of ranged weapons for other models in her Crew near her while also giving them the benefit of Aim. If you’re looking to run a ranged-heavy Crew, Karli is an invaluable member of the team.

    This model is also playable in WARMACHINE & HORDES as a Cygnar weapon attachment for the Cygnar Trencher Express Team.

    - $12.74

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