Riot Quest: Lynda the Forgotten

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    Lynda served her infernal masters for years in preparation for the coming apocalypse. They promised her power, and in return she helped rot civilization from within. When the time came, and the infernals took their great prize from humanity…they completely
    forgot about Lynda.

    Alone and with nothing to show for all her hard work, Lynda immediately traveled to all the old ritual sites she knew of and stole every magic relic and talisman of power she could find. If the infernals weren’t going to keep up their end of the bargain, she’d just rob them blind of what was left.

    The infernals, of course, do not care at all. Lynda now wanders the wastes, laden with satchels brimming with arcane items, trading and selling them as she needs to in order to survive. When she gets into trouble, she still knows a few infernal tricks to help keep her safe, but more often than not she’d rather talk her way out of a sticky situation with a few proffered trinkets.

    Lynda the Forgotten is a Specialist Class Hero that can help swing the dice odds in your favor and eventually equip models in your Crew for free. While her defensive and offensive stats are very low, Lynda can force dice rerolls for friendly and enemy models near her—at the cost of some of her own health. When Lynda is finally knocked out, she allows you to equip a model in your Crew for free immediately thanks to her Hoarder ability. For Crews looking to bring some high cost Riot Gear, Lynda is an excellent addition.

    This model is also playable in WARMACHINE & HORDES as an Infernal Solo.

    - $12.74

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