Dropzone Command Cards

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     In Dropzone Commander a simple exploration onto a dropsite can quickly turn into a bloody battle. A good commander must learn to think on their feet and adapt their plans for victory.

    This pack contains 30 Command Cards to use during your games. From the tactical flexibility of Quick Strategist to the vicious attacks of Room Clearance, there are enough cards here to make a full deck of surprises for your opponent.
    Also included are 3 quick reference cards to make your games easier!

    With distinct Dropzone styling and easy to read rules, this deck is the ideal purchase for anyone looking to use Commanders in their games of DZC, and can be used by any faction in the game.

    Made from high quality playing card material, these cards are oversized at 100mm x 60mm, which fit in sleeves available here.

    - $9.00

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