About Us

Gopher Mafia Games is a traditional game store that caters to all tabletop games: board games; card games (mostly Magic); miniature games (Warhammer and Warmachine); and role playing games (D&D and Pathfinder). Throughout the week you will find our place space filled with gamers. 

Gopher Mafia Games is a friendly, local games store in Urbana, IL. Opened on March 1 2017, as a response to the local gaming community losing their game store of 10 years. Gopher Mafia Games is named after that community that came out of that store. 

It has been mentioned - community - we pride ourselves in harvesting an environment of community. A safe space for all gamers, of all ages. We open our doors to serve the community: a meeting place for local game designers; and a place for after school programs to visit. We have shown our support by making donations to local charities. We hold two customer appreciation events throughout the year: Gopher Con - a role playing mini convention; and an used-game auction.

We look forward to serve you and answer any questions.




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