Iron Labyrinth Death Quadrant Complex

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    The Iron Labyrinth - Death Quadrant Complex is a big name, but not as big as the contents!  

    Designed to be compatible with board tiles from popular gang based skirmish games, the Iron Labyrinth - Death Quadrant Complex set has everything you could need for games in the deep, dark Industrial Hive.

    The set is completely modular, with walls and platforms attaching effortlessly to chunky column sections. The columns themselves are stackable too, which turns these winding corridors into a fully 3D gaming space. The kit is also compatible with every other Industrial Hive product, with the platforms attaching to walkways, power generators and more. There are even a few junctions to attach the Sector 4 pipes!

    This kit comes with 11 columns, 4 double walls, 4 single walls, 1 double wide door, 2 single wide doors, 4 stairs, 15 platforms, 7 tiles and 2 ladders. There are so many bits in here!

    Model supplied unpainted and requires assembly. We advise using PVA glue for the best results. Miniature and board tile not included and for scale only.

    - $41.00

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