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    When going out on an Epic Adventure you will need coins and loot along the way to pay for your expenses in the local town. Inside this package are 2 of each coin in the set of Life or Death gold plated coins to use as you travel throughout the realms. Never be caught without coin to barter for room, weapons, laurel wreath or food again. Search the cave for treasures but be careful for the dragons guarding the plunder. These coins are great for keeping track of life or death saves.


    Exclusive Adventure Coins

    Designed to resemble real coins, our exclusive full-metal adventure coins are absolutely essential to enhancing your live or tabletop Roleplaying Game experience. The Norse Foundry team of expert designers has created these premium adventure coins with your maximum satisfaction in mind. 

    Unique Options To Match Your Style

    Our metal adventure coins come in sets of 10, that contain pieces of 2 of each coin: 1, 5, 10, 25 or 100 in our variety pack. In addition, they are available over 10 unique series/classes: Pirate, Dwarven, Steam Punk, Zombie, Elven, Dubaloons, Roman, Orcs and Goblins, Sci Fi, Dragons and many more, so you can choose the set that perfectly matches your adventures needs.

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