Archangel Interceptors

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    The Archangel’s best protection is its excellent manoeuvrability and high speed, since it features only light armour. However, its low cost also ensures that wingmen will never be far away, providing safety in numbers.

    The Archangel Interceptor is a thoroughbred air-to-air craft, designed solely for air superiority missions. It is a small ship, built around a pair of conventional Retribution 40mm cannons, leading to the moniker "The Last Gunfighter". These are devastating at close range and feature low energy consumption, freeing the power needed to close distance and dogfight with lethal poise.The aircraft can also be pressed into service for ground attack operations when the need arises, designated as the Archangel Tactical Bomber.

    Through the Reconquest, dug-in Scourge pods have been found, inhabiting buildings, ruins, and dense jungle. With Razorworms and Eviscerators making ground assault extremely deadly, the UCM Navy have traded the Interceptor's cannons for airbursting incendiary missiles. Designed to flood a garrison with fire, it burns out occupants while only lightly damaging key structures, leaving behind shells for UCM troops to take and hold - the entire ethos behind the Reconquest.

    The Archangel is a strong aircraft. Taken as an Auxiliary choice, it has a lot of flexibility in activation, although its Fast special rule does mean it's sometimes harder to control. With a massive maximum move of 36" though, it can be in and out of a battle before your opponent even realises. Combined with a massive Evasion of +5 and it's very safe against all but the most dedicated anti-air firepower.

    The Interceptor is armed with the famed Retribution Cannons, which are good at targeting light vehicles, but really excel against other aircraft. With AA-3 the Interceptor can take aim at most fast movers without much penalty, making it one of the premier air-to-air fighters.

    The Tactical Bomber's Incendiary Missiles make it a very different craft. At Energy 2 they won't cause much damage, although can hurt infantry at a push. Their prime use though is targeting scenery, where they automatically cause 2D3 Collateral Damage - perfect for burning out any occupants.

    Contains 2 multi-part resin miniatures with parts to make all as either Archangel Interceptors or Archangel Tactical Bombers.

    Resin miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled. This kit will require cleaning and assembly, and could need some small holes filled.

    - $17.00

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