Breakdancing Meeples

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    Breakdancing Meeples at a Glance

    • Players roll and re-roll meeples like dice, everyone at once, fast as they can.
    • Dancers team up based on the way they land, to do dance routines like Whirlyball, Streetsweeper, and Early Bird.
    • A whole game plays in four one-minute rounds. A free app handles the timing, keeping score and counting down to hip hop beats.

    Meeples for rules 2

    The World of Breakdancing Meeples

    When beats bump, meeples gotta dance. From headstands to footwork, you know your dance crew is the hottest around…but now it’s time to prove it.

    Compete against rival crews for the world championship trophy in four one-minute dance offs, racking up crowd appeal by completing Routine cards. Between each dance off, crews learn a new Routine. The crew with the most crowd appeal at the end of four rounds takes home the trophy!

    Gameplay Basics

    • Each player has six dancers and two dance routines to start.
    • Each dance routine needs certain dancers. “House Party” takes two meeples on their sides, one on their feet, one on their head.
    • Everyone rolls meeples as fast as they can, locking in useful rolls and re-rolling the rest, scoring points — crowd appeal — as they come together.
    • After four one-minute dance rounds, the crew with the most crowd appeal wins the trophy.


    • 24 heat-transfer printed meeples
    • 24 scoring cubes
    • 36 poker-sized cards

    - $15.96

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