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    The far future has its fair share of problems. Fighting everywhere isn't a big deal, but holes opening in reality is probably the big one. Luckily constructing buildings isn't one of those problems! With simple templates, any world can have buildings made very quickly (no comment on how long they last though).

    Our woodgineers in the TTCombat offices have come up with something truly extraordinary in the City Qudratum Ruins. For the first time you can completely deck out a gaming table with incredible looking TTCombat scenery that you don't even have to glue together! That's right, this massive kit can be slotted together and unpacked again for storage!

    The kit contains five large ruined corner sections, six smaller ruined walls, and two storage containers. Every single scenery piece locks together and can be unlocked and packed up again at a moment's notice!

    - $30.00

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