[Commemorative Series Fyreslayer Brakki of the Guilded Key]

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    Brakki of the Gilded Key

    For Warhammer Age of Sigmar, we’re joined by our fire-maned friends from the Mortal Realms. The Fyreslayer heroes known as Auric Runesmiters are vital to their lodge’s battle plans, opening tunnels through magmatic grounds with naught but bellowing voices, and Brakki of the Gilded Key is one such champion.

    This miniature is packed with detail, from the intricate key that gives the duardin his name to the raging flames atop his Latch-axe. It also features a beautiful cape fashioned from the scales and hide of a Magmadroth, and Brakki is sure to stand out on the battlefield when you use him in your Fyreslayer armies as an alternative Runesmiter.

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