[Commemorative Series Tau Invocation of the Elements]

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    Invocation of the Elements

    T’au Ethereals sit at the crossroads of their society’s castes, guiding Fire, Water, Air, and Earth with boundless wisdom and force of will. They frequently take to the battle to inspire their troops up close, and amidst the chaos of battle it pays for them to stand out with flashy robes and a great big staff.

    This miniature, titled Invocation of the Elements, wears flowing robes inscribed with the icon of the Ethereal caste, while their staff is embellished with each of the other caste’s insignia. The jar they carry in their other hand emits a choice of four fumes themed after each element, while the model itself stands atop a ruined aquila – suggesting that the T’au are fighting on an Imperial world.

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