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    The original Quickshade™ is different! An entirely unique product on the market, it will enable you to paint your the army of your dreams in no time at all. Just apply it with a brush or simply dip your base coated miniatures, shake, and you are almost done.

    Made from very thin black pigment the Quickshade Dark Tone has proved a hit with evil armies of miniatures and models which require a sharp contrast in colours and shading.

    It is brilliant for grey, blue and all types of armour for instance. For that superior overall look of an army made for wargaming, you would be hard pressed to beat Quickshade Dark Tone.

    • Specifically designed and engineered to work with 10-28mm. miniatures
    • Finally, a product which will shade your army perfectly and is fantastically easy to use
    • Don't panic! but get ready for amazing shading no matter your painting level
    • Painting armies of miniatures to fantastic results has never been easier

      - $29.99

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