Crusade Mission Pack: Containment

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    Crusade Mission Pack: Containment is a narrative play expansion for Warhammer 40,000, set in the Octarius Sector.

    This mission pack has been designed for use in narrative play Crusade games, where your campaigning forces can wage war across the Cordon Impenetra created by Inquisitor Nashir Sahansun. With numberless hordes of xenos battling relentlessly against one another – and anyone else that stands in their way – can your Crusade force take advantage of the chaos to survive the escalating conflict?

    Inside this 112-page mission pack you will find:

    - A full suite of Planetstrike rules for Warhammer 40,000
    - 21 new Planetstrike missions – 3 for Combat Patrol-sized games, and 6 each for Incursion-, Strike Force-, and Onslaught-sized games, all set within the war-torn Octarius Sector
    - A selection of Planetstrike Stratagems, Battle Traits, Agendas, and more

    - $38.25

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