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    Dirtside is a co-operative board game for 1-8 players featuring a full story-driven campaign, plus dozens of one-off missions. There are scores of unique planets to explore, including the homeworlds of every alien species from Dirtside and its companion game, Battlestations Second Edition.

    You and your friends are a team of heroes in the far future, landing your starship on mysterious planets, with adventures such as raiding, rescuing, fighting, and escaping. In each mission, your team will have an objective to cooperatively accomplish, with threats like motor gangs, natural disasters, or planetary bombardment. Each planet has its own attributes like low-gravity, lava flows, or tectonic drift. You can combine your actions to do fun things like ram a jetcar into a building (to turn the building into a crater), or try to put out a fire before it reaches your ship. Your characters start with a special ability, weapons, and an ability for your species. You gain experience over time, rank up, and can purchase equipment between missions, plus gain new abilities.

    If you own Battlestations, your characters are already fully compatible with Dirtside, and you can transition seamlessly between Battlestations (missions in space) and Dirtside (missions on planets). What will YOU discover, Dirtside?

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