Dreamsnare Shieldstrider

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    The Dreamsnare is a specialist Warstrider variant which carries an energy shield boosting relay device, improving the effectiveness of passive countermeasures on all nearby Shaltari units. This makes it an excellent support unit for the nucleus of any Shaltari Warhost. Tactically adept Shaltari Warchiefs can use modest numbers of Dreamsnares to maximum effect by rapidly relocating them to flashpoints where the fighting is fiercest.

    The Leopard uses Shaltari Microwave technology (amplified many times over by the fearsome power output of a warstrider) and focuses it through hardened prismatic beam generators. In effect, this creates a focused torrent of hyper-agitated molecules; a beam of molten air which immolates anything it touches with ease.

    Both vehicles are armed with the devastating Dragon Cannon, which can fire independently against infantry, microwaving them behind even the thickest wall. Alternatively they can concentrate their weapons to target heavy vehicles, making a much stronger direct beam.

    Warstriders are a common sight in a Shaltari army, and for good reason! With very high armour (we're talking Shaltari here remember) and a massive 4 Damage Points, they're very tough to take down - even before you consider the standard 5+ Passive Countermeasures save. Both the Dreamsnare and Leopard have 2 Dragon Cannons, ignoring both Body and Soft cover, which becomes deadly for infantry on the edges of Garrisons. They have an Alt-fire mode which trades the Cover rule for a deadly Energy 12, meaning no one is safe from a Warstrider!

    The Dreamsnare is a supporting unit, without a primary offensive armament. Instead it houses a Shield Boosting Relay, which increases friendly Passive saves by 1 (so a 5+ becomes a 4+) on units within 6". A few Dreamsnares in an army, combined with careful Gate redeployment means almost every unit can benefit from this awesome ability, and make the Dreamsnare a prime target for your opponent (which means the rest of your army remains unscathed).

    The Leopard is armed not only with the Dragon Cannons (did I mention that they have 12 shots each? NICE), but also with the Thermal Lance. With Energy 12 and 2 shots on a 2+ Accuracy, say goodbye to enemy tanks! Nice and straightforward, the Leopard brings the hurt.

    Contains 1 resin miniature with the choice of weapons to make a Dreamsnare or a Leopard. These miniatures are highly detailed, approximately 65mm tall.

    Resin miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled. This kit will require cleaning and assembly, and could need some small holes filled.

    - $17.00

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