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    Frank and Stine share the same birthday! Friday 13th. They also got married on their birthdays, so their wedding anniversary is the same day. They also both died on the same day! And were brought back to life a year later. It’s a Funeversary Ressurbirthday!


    The newest Tag Team to come out of the rolling bones, this happy undead couple are going to bring the life back to your team. 

    Frank comes rocking at a weight 3 and brings the shock factor with all his moves. Lighting Lunge is a rope attack that can deal some serious damage and causes Dazed. He can use his Power of the Gods to give -AP to everyone in base contact or he could give his friendly undead wrestlers 1 +AP through his Supercharge Crowd Pleaser.

    Stine brings the punch to any team with her Big Giant Fists and her huge ATT stat. Breaking through any unfortunate wrestler with here Frankenstrainer Turnbuckle attack, this can shove wrestlers into different positions and leaving them with a dent they wont forget. Growing throughout the game, Stine will constantly be changing her stats with here Replacement Parts Crowd Pleaser. 

    Their Tag ability They're Alive! can deal large amounts of damage with a large 4 copper dice pool, plus for every point of damage dealt the wrestler heals that much damage, making both characters very durable. 

     Contains 2 resin miniature with 2 clear acrylic base, and 2 character cards. Acrylic bases will have coloured film on that needs removing before assembly.

    - $21.00

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