Matte Sleeves: Scythe/Lost

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    Sleeve Size: 72 x 112 mm / 60 Sleeves p. pack

    For card size up to 70 x 110 mm

    Compatible with: Scythe™, Lost Cities™, Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig™, Trickerion: Legends of Illusion™, Fabled Fruit™ and more!


    • Matte back and front for clear visibility, averting symptoms of eye fatigue during gameplay
    • Prevents bent corners, scratches and damages from shuffling
    • Reinforced thickness, very strong sleeves
    • Great shuffle-feel
    • FFG Sleeve Color Codes
    • Acid-free, no PVC

    We advise comparing our sleeve and your card size before purchase. Actual sizes of game cards may be subject to change.

    - $3.19

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