Middle-Earth: Battle Companies

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    Battle Companies is an expansion to the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game that enables you to assemble small groups of Warriors that, over the course of several games, will progress and develop into your own unique warbands. Create your own Heroes and Villains of Middle-earth, and forge them into legend through the deeds they perform on the battlefield.

    This book contains all of the rules for playing games of Battle Companies, including a host of races and factions, wargear upgrades, equipment options and much more.

    This expansion includes:

    - 38 different Battle Companies from all corners of Middle-earth, each with their own special rules, advancements and abilities
    - Full rules for advancing the members of your Battle Company, including progression charts, injury tables, armouries and more
    - Eight bespoke paths for your warband's Hero to follow as they progress in experience
    - 18 Matched Play Scenarios specially formulated to be played using two opposing Battle Companies
    - Two different campaigns (narrative and map-based)
    - Additional rules for using your Battle Company in larger games with the rest of your collection

    - $30.00

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