Ocelot Ordnance Warstrider

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    The Ocelot shares the hull of the Jaguar Warststrider, and stands at an equally imposing height, sharing many of its characteristics. However, the Ocelot foregoes the Jaguar's flexibility to mount a single, devastating weapon - the Particle Cannon. The Particle cannon is quite simply the most powerful directed energy battlefield weapon yet witnessed by humankind. This awesome beast measures nearly 35 feet in length, and can annihilate a heavy battle tank with ease at incredible range.

    Mounted on the Panther’s back is the Particle Triad, a lower powered but rapid fire version of the Particle Cannon, but is no less devastating for that. Its tracking systems are incredibly accurate when targeting incoming support aircraft and dropships, and once locked on, it will rarely miss (much less fail to cause damage). The only flaw in this precision is that the Panther’s systems take longer than usual to acquire a hard lock on flyer units. This means an almost certain kill on anticipated targets becomes a much less certain one when firing opportunistically or in reaction to fast movers.

    With an impressive 4 Damage Points, 5+ Passive Countermeasures, and Armour 14, the Warstrider walker chassis is one of the most survivable things in a Shaltari army. Players can be obtusely bold with their deployment, especially when using Gates to put them into the most opportune position.

    A single Ocelot is deadly on its own, but when taken in units of three, the Particle Cannons become extremely deadly. With absolutely unlimited range (even against Active Countermeasures) and the ability to ignore all Passive and Evasion Countermeasures, this weapon is truly terrifying. However, it also boasts Devastator-4 against scenery and Devastator-2 against vehicles. It's very dangerous!

    The Panther is another Heavy choice in Shaltari armies, and while it doesn't have the outright firepower of its cousin, a Particle Triad is equally useful. Providing 3-shot AA fire that hits on a 2+ is pretty useful, but the unlimited range (again, even with Active Countermeasures) is the real kicker here. Able to target any Aircraft from anywhere on the board, you'll find little need for repositioning, making them very flexible in the middle of a game.

    Contains 1 resin miniatures with the choice of weapons to make an Ocelot or Warstrider. These miniatures are highly detailed, approximately 50mm in height.

    Resin miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled. This kit will require cleaning and assembly, and could need some small holes filled.

    - $17.00

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