[OLD PACKAGING Gun Technicals (Single Variant)]

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    After almost two centuries of occupation and hiding, the Resistance have become highly adept at repairing, modifying and armouring antique vehicles. Car sized weaponised versions are known as Technicals and are a common sight whenever the Resistance take to the field of battle..

    While the workhorse of most factions is a heavily armoured tank, the Resistance like to do things differently. These ramshackle vehicles are weak on their own, but in massive units they can combine fire to bring down things much bigger in size. Rocket Technicals are a solid Standard choice in a Resistance army, able to Focus their rockets together to take down hardened armour. Alternatively you can build them as AA Gun Technicals, which are decent Scout choices with a fairly middling Heavy AA Machine Gun. But you can take 12 in a squad, so who cares when you're throwing that many dice?

    [OLD PACKAGING]  Note that this is the older packaging, and the sculpt may not have all the options as is current with the TTC blisters. [OLD PACKAGING] 

    Contains 6 multi-part resin miniatures with parts to make AA Gun Technicals.

    Resin miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled. This kit will require cleaning and assembly, and could need some small holes filled. Any miniatures or scenery are shown for scale only and not included.

    - $17.00

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