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    Our Outer Sleeves Matte Standard Size add an additional layer of protection to cards and/or art sleeves. They are commonly used to safeguard art sleeves from harm (external double-sleeved protection) and can even serve as a third layer for triple-sleeving purposes.

    With their matte lamination, these sleeves block annoying reflections to ensure that cards are clearly visible from all angles and avoid symptoms of eye fatigue during gameplay. The Outer Sleeves come with an extra high clearness, ensuring a genuine visual quality. Due to the premium surface, they also have a great shuffle-feel. The Outer
    Sleeves come in an exact size to fit perfectly over standard-size sleeves – sleeves that are used for any kind of standard TCGs/LCGs like Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon, Marvel Champions, etc.

    One pack contains 50 Prime Outer Sleeves.

    - $3.40

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