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    A Wild Adventure! A sound echoes across the world’s farthest wildernesses: the howl of countless animals and beasts! This all-new 224-page Pathfinder rulebook dives deep into the wilderness like never before! With new ancestries, character options, animal companions, wilderness foes and more, Howl of the Wild provides a traveler’s pack worth of value for players and Game Masters alike!

    This sketch cover edition features a beautiful image of the original pencil sketch of the Pathfinder Howl of the Wild cover by superstar artist Wayne Reynolds, and is offered exclusively to Paizo’s hobby retail partners for the first 120 days of release.

    Join a bumbling naturalist and an eccentric crew as they cross continents in their fantastic airship, searching for four legendary beasts. Along the expedition, you’ll find...
    ♦ Six playable new ancestries to bring PCs' wildest characters to life: strong minotaurs, swift centaurs, magical merfolk, amphibious athamarus, animals awakened to consciousness, and insectile, metamorphic surkis!
    ♦ Archetypes, spells, and other player options inspired by nature, from additional options for shapeshifting druids to playable werecreatures to archetypes that let you fight with claw, tail, or wing.
    ♦ New animal companions, weapons and armor forged from the scales and fangs of magical beasts, and all the gear you need out in the field!
    ♦ A menagerie of Golarion’s animals and beasts for GMs to unleash on players, covering animals like dinosaurs and sharks, expansions on classic monsters like chimeras and griffons, and never-before-seen creatures like the transparent sky fisher, the potion-brewing apothecary bee, and the extradimensional rift chameleon.
    ♦ All rules optimized for the remastered Pathfinder Second Edition game!

    ★ Pathfinder Howl of the Wild is the definitive guide to the wilderness for use in all Pathfinder campaigns!
    ★ Packed with new player options including ancestries, spells, equipment, new monsters and more, making the new rulebook an invaluable resource for both players and GMs!
    ★ Rules sanctioned for play in Paizo’s international Pathfinder Society Organized Play program, with monthly free-to-retailer adventures for tens of thousands of players worldwide.
    ★ Extensive marketing support throughout 2024.
    ★ Compatible with the Open RPG Creative (ORC) License.

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