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    Fight for Glory! Inside the 376-page Pathfinder Monster Core, you’ll find over 400 creatures, including fantasy classics like elves, ogres, and all-new dragons; wild animals from giant ants to ferocious wolves; and the unique monsters that threaten the world of Pathfinder, like sinspawn and noxious needlers. These creatures cover all levels of play, from the slow and mindless zombie shambler to the ultra-powerful demonic Treerazer! The ideal resource for Game Masters planning their next battles and player characters looking for monstrous allies to summon!

    Pathfinder Monster Core is the definitive monster rulebook for the fully remastered Pathfinder Second Edition RPG! These rules are compatible with previous Pathfinder Second Edition rulebooks, incorporating comprehensive errata and rules updates and some of the best additions from later books into new, easier-to-access volumes with new presentations inspired by years of player feedback. Along with the Player Core, GM Core, and Player Core 2, these books provide a new foundation for the future of tabletop gaming!

    This deluxe special edition is bound in faux leather with metallic deboss cover elements and a bound-in ribbon bookmark.

    Pathfinder Monster Core includes:
    ♦ More than 400 monsters!
    ♦ Gorgeous full-color illustrations on nearly every page!
    ♦ Detailed monster lists sorted by level, type, and rarity to help you find the right monster for any situation!
    ♦ Detailed lore sidebars offering additional information about Pathfinder's most popular monstrous friends and foes!
    ♦ Published under the new Open RPG Creative (ORC) license, giving players and Game Masters even more freedom for making their own creations based on Pathfinder Second Edition.

    ★ Beautiful faux-leather cover and bound-in ribbon bookmark add a touch of class for collectors.
    ★ Pathfinder Monster Core is the definitive “main” monster rulebook for Pathfinder Second Edition GMs, effectively replacing the Pathfinder Bestiary. All GMs need a copy of this book.
    ★ Streamlined and optimized based on a half-decade of player feedback. While the Pathfinder Second Edition rule system remains the same, the presentation in this volume has been completely revised and updated to speed up learning the game and play at the table.
    ★ Extensive marketing support throughout 2024.
    ★ Compatible with the Open RPG Creative (ORC) License.

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