Citadel Colour: Shade Paint Set

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    Contrast is a revolutionary paint that makes beautiful painting simple and fast. When applied heavily over a light undercoat like White Scar, Wraithbone or Grey Seer, these uniquely formulated paints tint the surface with a strong colour and blend into darker tones in the recesses, giving you a vivid base coat and realistic shading all in a single application.

    This set collects nine of the most commonly used Contrast colours together in one handy selection. You'll find paints suited to creating primary colours, browns, skin tones, bone, and black and white – all designed to save you time and deliver incredible results. You'll also find that many Contrast paints leave a subtle highlight on the sharper edges, which makes it easier to pick out the next stage of highlights. Plus, you'll save money over buying each pot one at a time.

    This set includes 18ml pots of the following colours:
    - 1x Black Legion
    - 1x Apothecary White
    - 1x Guilliman Flesh
    - 1x Snakebite Leather
    - 1x Skeleton Horde
    - 1x Gutrippa Flesh
    - 1x Asurmen Blue
    - 1x Blood Angels Red
    - 1x Imperial Fist

    Combine this set with the ShadeBase, and Layer paint sets – each sold separately – for an excellent start to your Citadel Colour selection.

    - $46.75

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