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    Inside this 160-page hardback book, you'll find:
    – Background material about the many hosts of Chaos Space Marines, including some of the most notorious warlords of the Black Legion
    – Macabre artwork revealing the horrible truth of these infernal soldiers at war, including their daemonic allies and insane, gibbering cultists
    – 48 datasheets detailing each unit, including their wargear, profiles, and unique abilities, from nightmare Spawn to immortal Daemon Princes
    – A massive eight themed Detachments, each with their own detachments rules, Enhancements and Stratagems
    – Crusade rules to lead your warband on a furious campaign to seek the favour of the Dark Gods
    – Combat Patrol rules to use Zarkan’s Daemonkin in fast-paced skirmish games
    – An ‘Easy Metal showcase of stunning Citadel miniatures from the incredible Chaos Space Marines range

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