Mister Fister

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    Mister Fister is the first of the Fister clan to enter the ring. He's also the first to have made entirely mechanical fists. The latest iteration is a far cry from his grandfather's fists, which he tore from a statue, much to the annoyance of its original owner.

    Mister Fister is all about punching, and definitely not leg day. He's made a set of mechanical fists and has made them his entire personality.

    Despite having probably the worst movement of any dwarf, Mister Fister is able to get around the ring thanks to his piston powered fists. Best Fist Forward lets him zoom around the ring and even lets him brawl wrestlers that interrupt his movement. Why not follow that up with a Piston Punch, and send the unfortunate target back into the ropes. His Turnbuckle, Falling Double Fist throws a handful of strong dice and while takes a lot of AP, has a strong chance of dealing a beatdown.

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