Universus Challenger Decks: King Ghidorah & Rodan Challenger Decks

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    The monsters of legend rise to do battle!

    In this exciting new Challenger Series, you can use the might of Godzilla, his friends or his enemies to vanquish your foes. These decks feature 3 character cards each - the 2 main characters plus a unique Mechagodzilla!

    A great deck for fans of Godzilla and veteran UniVersus players alike!

    ★ Each Challenger Series is an advanced, ready-to-play 60 card deck that includes 2 different characters plus a unique Mechagodzilla character card.
    ★ Each Challenger Series includes a collector booster pack, featuring 6 Random Alt-Art or Foil Cards found in this Challenger Series
    ★ 2 Character options give you more ways to play each deck! Featured in the Godzilla deck are Godzilla and Mothra, while featured in the King Ghidorah deck are King Ghidorah and Rodan

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