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    The original Quickshade™ is different! An entirely unique product on the market, it will enable you to paint your the army of your dreams in no time at all. Just apply it with a brush or simply dip your base coated miniatures, shake, and you are almost done. 

    This Quickshade is the lightest of the 3 types and is usually applied on lighter colours as a consequence. Especially light flesh colours, pink, yellow and white will get a perfect shading.

    If you do not necessarily want a sharp and dark shading on your miniatures, but instead prefer the lighter look - the Quickshade Soft Tone is your choice.

    • Specifically designed and engineered to work with 10-28mm. miniatures
    • Finally, a product which will shade your army perfectly and is fantastically easy to use
    • Don't panic! but get ready for amazing shading no matter your painting level
    • Painting armies of miniatures to fantastic results has never been easier

      - $29.99

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