Riot Quest: Stone Lord Guvul Godor Fighter

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    Guvul Godor served as one of the leaders of the Rhulic parliament, the Moot, for decades. His dedication to the dwarven nation and its people was (and still is) unrivaled, as Guvul was one of the few members of the Moot willing to go to battle alongside his countrymen. When the apocalypse came, the Iron Kingdoms were devastated, as were many brave Rhulfolk who battled alongside the lowlanders.

    Guvul does not view this widespread destruction with sorrow or hopelessness but instead sees an opportunity to continue serving his people. When the smoke cleared, Guvul strode down the mountain in search of riches to bring back to his kin. He is determined to claim glory and fortune for the people of Rhul with every coin earned and looted, no matter the cost to himself.

    Stone Lord Guvul Godor is a Fighter Class Hero that is incredibly durable and hard hitting at the cost of being a bit slower than the average Hero. While Guvul is only Speed 3, he makes up for it with his High Density Armor and higher than average defensive stats. He’s hard to knock out, and opponents cannot easily force him back. Once Guvul is in range, his natural Rapid Strike ability allows him to make two attacks each turn, which, as a Fighter, allows him to benefit from Charge on both attacks and potentially knock out an enemy in a single turn.

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