Shaltari Starter Army

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    The alien Shaltari are a race unlike any encountered by humankind. Though short in stature, they are wise beyond anything known. Their technology is so far advanced to be almost indistinguishable from magic, utilising teleportation, gravitic distortion, and even the ability to bypass death.

    The Shaltari are a species of duality. Sometimes serene and intelligent beyond measure, they can turn into war hungry creatures, desperate to prove their martial prowess. Using all manner of anti-grav tanks, walkers, exo-suits and aircraft, they are hard to predict and equally deadly. Using teleportation gates they can reposition units at a moment’s notice, making them a frustrating foe.

    This box contains a perfect small Shaltari army. With 6 anti-armour Tomahawks, 6 Kukri AA Grav-tanks, and 12 bases of Braves, you have a solid core for an army. There are also 6 Eden Medium Gates and 6 Haven Terragates, which allow your army to teleport around the battlefield. Note that there are fewer Braves and Terragates pictured for our "recommended" army build, but you get some spares!

    The army is led by a Daimyo Commander. This leader takes to battle in a medium exo-suit, joining a squad of Braves. While hot-headed and aggressive, the Daimyo makes for a capable Commander, able to teleport around the warzone using a personal Gate constructed from nanobots at a moment’s notice.

    This set includes:

    • Plastic Armour & Infantry: These multi-part hard plastic miniatures come on sprues for ease of construction. With easy-to-assemble pieces, you’ll
      have your army ready in no time at all. The Haven and Eden Gates can teleport almost every unit in the army, making them a must-have!
    • Resin Command: The Daimyo provides Shaltari players with an inexpensive Command choice, cast in fine detailed resin. This miniature comes in four
      pieces (plus a base), and can join a unit of Braves for protection and to get stuck into the fight.
    • Shaltari Fastplay Cards & Template: Designed to get you playing straight away, these cards contain rules for all the units in this box. There is also a quick reference card for the full rules, making gameplay easier. There is also a Dropzone Commander Blast template for any Area effect weapons you might want to use.

    Contains 36 multi-part plastic miniatures, 1 resin miniature, 1 acrylic template, and fast play cards. Scenery and scenic bases not included. Instructions can be found here.

    Miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled. This kit will require cleaning and assembly, and could need some small holes filled.

    - $48.00

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