Shattered Zircon Emerald - 7 piece RPG set Zircon Glass Dice

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    The thick, dark woods are not to be ventured into alone. With goblins, trolls, witches, and bog monsters to name a few, your character will have a hard time coming out alive. That is if you don't have the right weapons to protect yourself. With a bright green color, this dice set looks as if carved straight out of a moss-filled swamp. Its bright glass-like see-through finish adds to the mystique and glows like a gemstone under a light. The dice set is made using zircon glass—a material used for filling up outdoor fireplaces. Known to withstand incredibly high temperatures, Zircon emerald comes with a shattered effect and features stone-like hardness. So it’s safe to say, this dice set will last you for thousands of DnD sessions, if not more.

    - $80.00

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