Spectre Skimtanks

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    Spectres are the terror of helpless tank crews who can't hope to out-manoeuvre a tiny skimmer that's as fast as some aircraft. Armed with a formidable Plasma Lance, it is still fully capable of reducing a UCM main battle tank to molten slag while running rings around it. A rarer variant mounts the abnormal Photon Blaster that sends lethal beams silently through solid matter, straight through buildings to damage any target.

    The Spectre Skimtank is a Standard choice in a Scourge army, great for players that like glass cannons! While lightly armoured, the Spectre is incredibly fast, and mounts powerful weapons. A Plasma Lance offers higher range than a standard Hunter, albeit at slightly reduced firepower. Alternatively the Photon Blaster allows Spectres to target enemies they can't even see, which goes a long way to protect this otherwise fragile unit.

    Contains 4 multi-part resin miniatures with parts to arm all with either Plasma Lances or Photon Blasters.

    Resin miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled. This kit will require cleaning and assembly, and could need some small holes filled. Any miniatures or scenery are shown for scale only and not included.

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