Sturginium Platform & Objectives

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    Isolated in the vast ocean, the platform stood in defiance of nature. A symbol of humanity’s conquest of the globe in the Dystopian Age. It was quiet now. A fire that had previously run out of control had been put out by a recent storm. All hands abandoned the place during the conflict that had caused the blaze, the only inhabitants now were some errant seabirds pausing their migration. Before that battle it had the official title of ‘The Shining Point at the End of the World’ by the ever verbose Celestian Empire. Before then it was ‘War Platform Sandringham’ to the Crown, although the assigned crew called it ‘the arse end of nowhere’. Before that, its name and very existence had been redacted as an asset of the Commonwealth. What it would be called next was yet to be decided, no doubt by combat that cost the lives of men. Men with families that lived far from here. The seabirds who had a chance to fold their wings there neither knew nor cared. They were simply glad of the rest.

    This box contains:

    • 2x Large set of Platforms (with multiple build options)
    • 2x Small set of Platforms (with multiple build options)
    • 2x Wreck Markers
    • 2x Mine Markers

    - $32.13

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