Time Stories the Marcy Case

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    A little girl has gone missing and a sleepy American town is struggling to deal with the loss. It's up to you and your team of Temporal Agents to not only find the girl, but also combat a strange plague sweeping the countryside.
    The Marcy Case is the first expansion to the revolutionary, T.I.M.E.Stories system. Players will travel back to 1992 in an attempt to avert a crisis.Every move costs you time and time is in short supply. If you can't solve thiscase before the clock ticks down to zero you'll have to return to your starting point for another attempt.
    The Marcy Case is a completely immersive adventure, where every decision you make can be the difference between life or death!

    Players 2-4
    Age 12+
    Playtime 90mins

    137 Cards

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