[OLD PACKAGING Totem Shieldspire (Totem Variant Only)]

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    Spires can be seen wherever Shaltari forces deploy. The towering edifices are taller than many buildings, but the view isn't the most distinct feature. The Totem Shieldspire creates an energy shield around itself and can project a further shield to protect nearby structures. Meanwhile the Obelisk Ionspire is often found teleported directly into the heat of the battle, firing up its Ion Storm to bring down anything that gets close with arcing lightning.

    Both strange units, the Obelisk Ionspire and Totem Shieldspire are islands in the ever-flowing ocean of the Shaltari battleplan. Unusually immobile, it's best to drop them down in a location that might not be useful this round, but will be in the rest of the game. The Totem can protect all Shaltari within quite a wide range, making them more survivable than ever. Meanwhile the Obelisk is best used aggressively, dropping down to cause significant area denial early in the game.

    [OLD PACKAGING]  Note that this is the older packaging, and the sculpt may not have all the options as is current with the TTC blisters. [OLD PACKAGING] 

    Contains 1 multi-part resin miniature with parts to make a Totem Shieldspire

    Resin miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled. This kit will require cleaning and assembly, and could need some small holes filled. Any miniatures or scenery are shown for scale only and not included.

    - $14.00

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